Omprakash Shivprakash

Omprakash Shivprakash is the flagship company of the group with around 70 years of experience in business. It is a tradehouse that deals in the variety of products like soybean, soybean DOC, edible oil, cotton, cotton bales, cotton yarn, cotton cake, onion, chili, sugar, pulses and rice etc. The commodities are exported to all over the world.

The company exports rice on huge scale to foreign countries like Republic of Benin, Republic of Togo, Ukraine, etc. Besides export, it has also entered into chartering business since last few years. The company also has a Dubai based company by the name SASSY Commodities Pvt Ltd.

The total turnover of the industry is over 300 crores. The company has its headquarters in Akola. The company also has offices in Rotterdam (Europe), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Benin (Africa) and other countries besides Mumbai (India).