Ruhatiya Cotton & Metal Private Limited

The firm started manufacturing of Vitthal cashew nuts in the year 2019. The raw cashew nut is imported from West-African countries like Benin, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria etc and processed at a plant in Borgaon Manju (District Akola) to create a wide range of high quality cashew nuts.

The plant has the production capacity of 8 ton per shift of Raw Cashew nuts. The plant is 95% automated with best-in-class machinery. Hence, it’s easier to get high production with negligible human contact. Cashew industry is very quality focused, having skilled labour gives us the edge. There is a huge demand for cashew kernels in Indian market. Since, the brand is known for premium quality cashews we enjoy the loyalty of customers from various states in India.

The industry has also installed an expeller for manufacturing of Cashew Nut Shell Oil (CNSL) from the leftover cashew shells.

The company also manufactures detergent under the brand “Vitthal Fresh” which is an efficient and value for money product.


Over 36 variety of products are manufactured from the raw cashew nut shell. Which includes types of cashew grades, cashew shell nut cake & cashew shell nut Liquid (CNSL). Cashew shell nut cake are used as feed in boilers. CNSL is acidic in nature and has properties of furnace oil which is why it is used as fuel. It is also used in cosmetics, road construction and paint industry. The company will soon be launching premium quality imported Almonds under the brand “Vitthal”.

We have packaging of cashew nuts in following variety-

10Kg Tin, 500gm pouch, 250gm pouch.